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About us

We are an organization supporting initiatives that contribute to sustainable social development in groups in social disadvantage due to discrimination, gender, environment or poverty. We focus on capacitation and awareness creation to help overcome those challenges.

We are a non-profit, non-religious, non-political, social organization. Our vision is towards a society with citizens that are proud of their identity, living with dignity and in harmony with their environment.

Open air classroom

The “open air classroom” idea seeks to bridge the traditional schooling in Venezuela to better reach discriminated ethnic groups. Together we explore alternatives to enhance health and quality of living addressing some of the challenges impacting the community at Laguna de Sinamaica.

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Create a Toy library or Ludoteca for school children as a mechanism to create awareness on sharing globally, reusability and responsibility.
Toys are donated in Switzerland and sent to a school where the “Ludoteca” will be minded by 6th graders with the support of a local sponsor.

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Our Team

Yelitza Bättig Louzé

President Executive Comittee

Aura Elena Aranguren

General Project Manager


Vice-President Executive Comittee & Finance


Digital Presence & Social Media

Jucelli Rodriguez



Community & Logistics